7 month old baby’s cheeks are really chapped like and almost look like they have a rash on them, but only on cheek spots. Could this be caused by teething and all the drool while teething?

I would guess that it’s more likely weather related. If it’s cold where you are, it’s not at all unusual for your baby to get red cheeks, especially after being outside. My oldest gets chapped cheeks very easily.My daughter’s cheeks have been red and a bit rough looking for a few months. I think that in my daughter’s case, it’s caused by her sucking on her security blanket and rubbing it constantly across her cheeks. I try to put lotion on her cheeks a few times a day, and that seems to be helping a little bit with the rash. Although it would help a lot more if she would stop wiping spit covered things across her face all the time.
hey guys its pretty random, but this is our goat Kimmi and she is pretty nice, and my brother named the kids, Dance Daydream and Drool, lol Drool can’t be registered because both of his parents are not 100% Alpine but the does can, i came up with the names, cuz Dance is a bit of a dancer and Daydream likes cuddling and sleeping, but more of them tomorrow. Tell me your favroite class down below, and show this to Kimmi Smiles, i think she may like haveing the same name as a goat ;) alot of this was filmed in my car i realize lol.

Hitting and Drooling on the keyboard

Your baby drooling has nothing to do with teething hon..it is normal that she drools…it is a good sign that you are keeping her hydrated….(This is uncommon, but some baby’s are born with a tooth..but very seldom does this occur)…. My children started cutting teeth at around 4-6 months….Most common for babies teeth is 6 [...]

My friend had a blighted ovum (baby never formed) and she claimed to have pregnancy symptoms until she miscarried. How can you have pregnnacy sympoms when the baby never produced HCG? I don’t get how that could happen. I don’t think its possible because HCG is the reason for all the symptoms. But I’m no [...]

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