She eats but then later she vomtts up she also has dirrhea no fever at all she seems happy like nothing is wrong.she has this for 4 days now??Help me?

Sounds like teething, or a digestive bug.

Keep her hydrated and wait it out, if she gets a fever over 103, or one that lasts more than a few days take her to the doctor.She doesnt need a fever for this to be dangerous. Babies dehydrate so quickly and can become very ill very quickly because of it. Ask the chemist for rehydrating salts and give her LOTS to drink. If it doesnt clear in the next day or two take her to the doctor.
more cute animals. new little goats hanging around with the baby calves, being of the same playful age, and to be protected from being butted by older goats. the goat who stares at walls has gas bubbles and diarrhea, so she’s named Mylanta. The other little one is Milla, the older goats are Marci and Mikey, the former named after my dear wife and the culprit in butting the little ones, as if they constitute some threat to her food supply!

I tried giving my now almost 8 month old daughter single grain rice cereal when she was 6 months old but after 4 days I had to stop it because she got diarrhea from it. Tried oatmeal a week later (about 1/2 tbsp with 4 tbsp of breast milk) and the same thing happened. It [...]

My wife is having a baby shower for her friend/coworker. There will be approximately 25-30 people in attendance. She needs some ideas for games or activities to keep them occupied. Anyone have any ideas, sites, etc?? put safety pins in a bowl of rice and pick them out blindfolded (much more difficult than it seems) [...]

Cheese is salty. Are there any dairy products that taste naturally sweet(not sugar added) for my 12 month old baby? Thanks. Thanks all. But my point is that the products really taste sweet. Yogurt tastes a bit sour, cheese tastes salty. I want to have something different for my baby, so something sweet is great [...]

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