My baby girl started sitting & she is 5 month & 3 weeks old. Is it too early for her to sit up on her own or its OK? Some people says that normally babies starts sitting by 7 or 8th month.

All babies are going to develop at different rates. I have twins and one started to sit up around month 6 and the other month 7.All babies reach milestones at different times. She is a bit ahead of schedule which is great. :)
Sameer slips on the stairs and suffers a head injury! He is rushed to the hospital! He is critical! Faizaan calls Sarfaraz. Dr. Mathur checks Sameer.Heena, SHagufta and Mirza also come to the hospital. Doctor says to do an operation! All are worried and sad! What is Heena doping? What does she say to Allah? What does Nameera tell her? Will Sameer be OK? Watch this episode to know more! Heena is a story about the trial and tribulations in the life of a woman. Heena is adored by her parents and is loved and respected by all. Except by the person she loves the most – her husband Sameer. Her marriage is doomed from the wedding night itself when Sameer proclaims his undying love for another woman, Ruby. Their unhappy marriage ends in a divorce. Later Heena marries Sameer’s friend Akram in search for happiness. But Ruby strikes again and enters Heena’s life as Akram’s second wife. Heena finally manages to be free of Akram and gathers courage to rebuild her life and establish her own identity. Heena looks forward to her new life as a mother and dreams of a beautiful healthy child. But Heena’s trials are not yet over. Heena gives birth to two kids. However one baby gets kidnapped, Heena is in a critical state. In order to save her further trauma, her father tells her that one of her baby is dead. Heena accepts this as her fate and decides to live for the other baby. However she discovers that her first baby is alive. The hunt for the missing baby begins. Heena suspects Akram and

Here is what our baby may look like, as predicted by the warped and twisted minds of my friends.

Sore nipples are a condition that is the cause behind discomfort and stress for most women and especially more so for the mother who has a baby that enjoys a tipple from mummy’s nipple. Babies love their mums to nestle – and not wrestle with them at feeding times.In the early days of breastfeeding sore nipples is

I tried giving my now almost 8 month old daughter single grain rice cereal when she was 6 months old but after 4 days I had to stop it because she got diarrhea from it. Tried oatmeal a week later (about 1/2 tbsp with 4 tbsp of breast milk) and the same thing happened. It [...]

My wife is having a baby shower for her friend/coworker. There will be approximately 25-30 people in attendance. She needs some ideas for games or activities to keep them occupied. Anyone have any ideas, sites, etc?? put safety pins in a bowl of rice and pick them out blindfolded (much more difficult than it seems) [...]

Cheese is salty. Are there any dairy products that taste naturally sweet(not sugar added) for my 12 month old baby? Thanks. Thanks all. But my point is that the products really taste sweet. Yogurt tastes a bit sour, cheese tastes salty. I want to have something different for my baby, so something sweet is great [...]

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