I have a 8 months old daughter. I leave my daughter to a babysitter when I’m working. The babysitter likes to add artificial flavour to my daughter’s porridge and it makes my daughter loves to eat food that make by her and refuse to eat Gerber baby food. I’m worried if the flavour will give bad effect to my daughter. What is the best food that I can make by myself to my baby? Or is there any other suggestions how to stop the babysitter from adding the artificial flavour?

Do you pay the sitter? If so, treat her as you would any other employee. If she can’t follow instructions, she should be replaced. If the sitter watches your daughter as a favor to you, i.e., you don’t pay her or you don’t pay her very much, perhaps you need to consider how much of a favor she is actually doing you if she disregards your wishes.if you don’t want your baby having the artificial flavoring then just tell your babysitter how you feel about it. Either she does what you ask, or you find a new babysitter. This is your baby not hers. Put your foot down!
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I tried giving my now almost 8 month old daughter single grain rice cereal when she was 6 months old but after 4 days I had to stop it because she got diarrhea from it. Tried oatmeal a week later (about 1/2 tbsp with 4 tbsp of breast milk) and the same thing happened. It [...]

My wife is having a baby shower for her friend/coworker. There will be approximately 25-30 people in attendance. She needs some ideas for games or activities to keep them occupied. Anyone have any ideas, sites, etc?? put safety pins in a bowl of rice and pick them out blindfolded (much more difficult than it seems) [...]

Cheese is salty. Are there any dairy products that taste naturally sweet(not sugar added) for my 12 month old baby? Thanks. Thanks all. But my point is that the products really taste sweet. Yogurt tastes a bit sour, cheese tastes salty. I want to have something different for my baby, so something sweet is great [...]

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