The food network says that St. Louis ribs are better, but Baby Back ribs are more popular. Whats the difference?

St. Louis style has a dry rub, & the other uses a wet one, I think?The part of the pig the ribs come from is the difference. Baby backs are the last ribs (toward the back, duh), closest to the loin section of the animal. These are meatier ribs, and they’re fairly uniform in size. There’s also a bit less fat on baby backs, as compared to spare ribs.

Spare ribs are more plentiful, and also much longer (and wider). There’s also more fat attached to them, which imparts more flavor in the cooked product.

St. Louis-style ribs are actually spare ribs that have been cut into rectangular sections, so they more closely resemble baby backs. Your butcher can cut a full (wide) rack of spare ribs into two St. Louis-style racks, if you ask him nicely. It’ll cost you considerably less than if you purchase 2 racks of baby backs.
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When a new child appears in our world it needs the parents’ love and care. All little babies do not have a natural instinct of self-preservation, as it is not inborn, parents should provide them with maximum care and safety. As the parents are solely responsible for the baby’s security, and even if your baby is the most

I tried giving my now almost 8 month old daughter single grain rice cereal when she was 6 months old but after 4 days I had to stop it because she got diarrhea from it. Tried oatmeal a week later (about 1/2 tbsp with 4 tbsp of breast milk) and the same thing happened. It [...]

My wife is having a baby shower for her friend/coworker. There will be approximately 25-30 people in attendance. She needs some ideas for games or activities to keep them occupied. Anyone have any ideas, sites, etc?? put safety pins in a bowl of rice and pick them out blindfolded (much more difficult than it seems) [...]

Cheese is salty. Are there any dairy products that taste naturally sweet(not sugar added) for my 12 month old baby? Thanks. Thanks all. But my point is that the products really taste sweet. Yogurt tastes a bit sour, cheese tastes salty. I want to have something different for my baby, so something sweet is great [...]

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