I breed and hand rear baby parrots of all sorts and African grey parrots are the only ones that seem to do this. They get themselves into a corner of the cage, put their heads down, start scratching at the flooring sending all sorts flying out and in all directions. It usually starts at about 8 weeks old, they can do it all their lives but usually stop before they are 12 months. Has any one any idea why they do this?

there birds.have to scatch at something…My guess as to why they do it is because this is one of the ways they feed in the wild. I have seen videos of flocks of greys on the ground scratching through the dirt, looking for food I assume. I hadnt actually realised that it stops before they are 12 months, but now that you mention it, mine did all stop about that age, maybe by then they have realised that the newspaper on the floor of the cage doesnt actually contain any food??

It is so cute to watch though, I call it their chicken scratching.

…..to be with its mama!

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