Even after he has been fed, he always puts his hand or even his arm in his mouth and chews it like crazy and he will drool everywhere. What could this mean? First time mom. And yes i am going to ask the doc at his next appt. Thanks!!! (He is 3 months old)

he could be teething already. i’ve seen babies start teething at 3 months beforeteething!!!!!

Caleb practicing drooling on friends

Ok so i dont know how to word this properly but i will try. So my Sister in law has a baby boy he’s about 14 months anyway whenever i’m eating something like corn or something off a plate he wants it or if im drinking something too but anyways i kinda dont like letting [...]

I’m 20 and i know that i can NOT have a baby right now. I’m in a committed relationship, but I’m in school and money isn’t great. I’m completely sane in the sense that i know that i can NOT have a baby probably for a good 5 years, but i have baby fever, bad. [...]

I know that Ergo sells “sucking pads”, but when your baby soaks through half a dozen bibs a day, let’s face it – those would be mighty expensive. Since there are many other baby carriers with similar straps, I’m wondering if there’s a more pocket-friendly alternative. My searches are coming up empty. I just own [...]

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